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REVIEW: We Toot! by Ashley Wheelock and Arwen Evans

An ARC was provided to me by the author for my honest review.

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Title: We Toot!

Author: Ashley Wheelock & Arwen Evans | Illustrator: Sandie Sonke

Publisher: House of Tomorrow | Published: August 26, 2019

Theme:  Self Acceptance and Self Esteem

Character Origin: Human

Book Type: Picture Book  | Pages: 20

Ages: Any | Book Level: — | Lexile Measure:

Book Synopsis…

A hilarious picture book for children of all ages. When a stinky toot is loosed at a slumber party, six girls learn an important lesson in body positivity and self-acceptance. 

We Toot lets little girls know it’s okay to let one rip.

My overall thoughts…

This book is truly an original. It encourages self-love and body acceptance, which can be lacking in a world where perfection is the objective. I loved the diversity of the characters and how they supported each other. There’s a huge lesson in that for young girls. Learning to love your body with all its quirks can be truly liberating. This feminist fable checks all the boxes and is one that you and your daughter will enjoy. 

The illustrations and text…

Sonke’s illustrations were a perfect match for the text. They didn’t overpower the page at all. They were delightful and offered a very clean aesthetic. I did like the mix of dialog balloons and traditional text–that was a nice touch. The size of the words was just right for beginning readers that finger track. The font choice was effortless to read and aligned well with Sonke’s clean aesthetic. Wheelock and Evans did an outstanding job with the text. The reader will clearly understand the empowering message and even giggle along the way.

Our bodies are unique in shape, size, and function. While many of us grew up thinking that tooting isn’t girly and is gross–we all do it. Yeah, it can be smelly, but there’s no escaping it. So toot with pride!

I’ll give it…

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