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REVIEW: Persuading Miss Doover by Robin Pulver

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Title: Persuading Miss Doover

Author: Robin Pulver | Illustrator: Stephanie Roth Sisson

Publisher: Holiday House | Published: December 24, 2018

Theme:  School and Writing Skills

Character Origin: Human

Book Type: Picture Book  | Pages: 32

Ages: 6-9 | Book Level: — | Lexile Measure: 540L

Book Synopsis…

Two prankster best friends try to convince their teacher to let them sit together by writing a persuasive essay in this picture book filled with laughter and helpful writing tips. 

Samir and Jack are in the doghouse after an incident involving a whoopee cushion and an unflattering drawing of the principal. When Miss Doover changes their seats, they decide to write a persuasive essay as a way to convince her to reunite them! 

As the boys make their best case, Miss Doover walks them through the essay process, insisting on several of her famous do-overs (also known as revisions) and cautioning them to avoid incorrect grammar, hyperbole, and exaggeration. They eventually get the hang of persuasive writing, but not before some laugh-out-loud attempts.

My overall thoughts…

Let me say that as a homeschooling mom, this is an excellent book to reinforce or introduce writing principles. I know that educators will appreciate this creative resource. I love that Miss Doover found an innovative way of teaching her class a lesson in writing. These are the types of books that I love most–those slyly imparting a useful lesson. This strategy teaches the student without them even knowing it. Brilliantly done!

The illustrations and text…

I believe that Sisson’s illustrations were drawn digitally. The drawings are reminiscent of older picture books, but I liked it. The overall color palette was warm and earthy. I thought it was cool that Pulver wrote the book like a comic. This technique connects well with kids. It also prepares them for books that aren’t written in traditional prose. The font size and type was easy to read. Pulver does a great job of elucidating the writing process to an elementary level. I’m sure that kids will find this as enjoyable as I did. Persuading Miss Doover is a great teaching tool to introduce kids to persuasive writing.

It’s never too early to introduce writing to your students. It is a tool that will serve them well in their academic career. Having books that can be a companion to what your student is learning is always a welcome asset in the classroom. Your students will thank you for it!

I’ll give it…

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