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REVIEW: Dazzling Travis by Hannah Carmona Dias

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Title: Dazzling Travis

Author: Hannah Carmona Dias | Illustrator: Brenda Figueroa

Publisher: Cardinal Rule Press | Published: April 1, 2019

Theme:  Self-Confidence

Character Origin: Human

Book Type: Picture Book | Pages: 32

Ages: 4-10 | Book Level: — | Lexile Measure: 510L

Book Synopsis…

Travis sets no limits to what he enjoys doing. Shopping and football, ballet and dress-up make Travis a one of a kind boy! But when some of the kids on the playground begin to pick on him, Travis truly dazzles. This empowering story encourages kids of any gender to challenge the social norm, revealing their true selves.

My  overall thoughts…

Have you ever treated someone poorly because they were different? This book brilliantly addresses being different and how to handle bullies that don’t understand you. I LOVED that the book includes what to discuss before, during, and after the story. I’ve never seen that in a picture book. This will definitely help parents and teachers field questions from the listener. But don’t be restricted by what’s printed. Make the conversation your own. You should make sure that it fits your family and classroom.

The illustrations and text…

Figueroa’s illustrations were drawn with pencil and colored digitally. The imagery is full of exquisite detail and bright colors. There is a wide array of character diversity which is an added bonus in a picture book. The poetic prose are easy to read and offer a delightful flow. The size and color of the font don’t overwhelm the page. The placement of the text is set methodically on the pages.

There is a little Travis in each of us. We just have to be brave and confident in our convictions. It’s okay to be different but it’s not ok to make others feel bad about theirs. 

I’ll give it…

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