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AUDIO: Sarah and Ian Hoffman

If you haven’t heard about Jacob’s Room to Choose by Sarah and Ian Hoffman there’s no time like the present. The Hoffman’s introduce us to Jacob, a grade school gender nonconforming boy. Their new book, Jacob’s New Dress, continues Jacob’s story. Check out their conversation with Matthew Winner of The Children’s Book Podcast below.

Courtesy of The Children’s Book Podcast

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Their books are great conversation starters for parents and teachers alike. Gender expression is a hot button topic in our world today and thanks to the Hoffman’s for normalizing a polarizing subject. Let me know what you thought by leaving me a comment below.

Don’t forget to connect with the Hoffman’s on social media.

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Special thanks to Matthew Winner, host of The Children’s Book Podcast for allowing me to share his PHENOMENAL content on my blog. You can find him on his blogInstagram, or Twitter. There’s a wealth of literary resources that I’m sure you’ll find very helpful on his blog. He is by the way an elementary school librarian, podcast host, and overall talented human being.

Happy reading,

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